Planet Gore

The simple algorithm

When you’re fixin to spend $300 million on media buys, the media pay attention.

Al Gore made news on both sides of the Atlantic yesterday, with the Guardian and the Washington Post advertising his Alliance for Climate Protection’s $300-million ad campaign, while the Telegraph and FoxNews considered the possibility of his joining the presidential race. And of course, his 60 Minutes interview ran last night. (To help in the fight against unnecessary carbon emissions, 60 Minutes sent Leslie Stahl and a film crew to India to follow Gore and collect 71 seconds of footage.)
Gore told the Washington Post, “ ‘The simple algorithm [sic] is this: It’s important to change the light bulbs, but it’s much more important to change the laws,’ he said. ‘The options available to civilization worldwide to avert this terribly destructive pattern are beginning to slip away from us. The path for recovery runs right through Washington, D.C.’ ”


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