Planet Gore

Slow Learners, Part 168

I see this headline in today’s Greenwire:

INVASIVE SPECIES: Fla. ready to put bounty on pythons

Oh, dear. Now there’s an incentive for a real python invasion.

CEI founder and president Fred Smith tells of the bounty placed on cobras by the British colonial governors in India as a way to eradicate the deadly pests. Soon, cobras by the multitude were being brought in for redemption, as the Indians had figured out thaty they ought to start breeding the creatures. Policy experiment: failed.

We have received a more recent reminder of this lesson from the Chinese, who ramped up their production of hyper-powerful greenhouse gases, HFCs, after Kyoto put a bounty on the things from exempt countries via its “Clean Development Mechanism.” Soon enough, Europeans were flocking to the Chinese with bags of money — pleading to exchange the cash in return for pieces of paper representing “emission reductions” (pause, wait for laughter). Behold the glory of Kyoto! Why, I suggest we renew and join the thing ourselves!

In this and so many other ways, environmentalism truly has become a parody of itself.

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