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Snow Job

This headline today from the reliably green news outlet E&E News was terrifying, but the lede was hilarious:

1. SENATE: Murkowski to be key player on energy next year

Quiet, prepared, devoted to building consensus, Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska has been one of the less flamboyant personalities among the outsize egos drawn to the Senate. She has emerged over time from the shadow of being her father’s daughter into a lawmaker who carries her own weight. And early next year, at a time when energy prices, foreign oil and climate change rank among the top concerns of American voters and the new Obama administration, she will become the top Republican on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee.

Oh, dear. Get a room. Now, of course, the press is eager to create a foil for that wretched, pro-development Caribou Barbie – just in case she hasn’t learned her lesson and escapes her containment in Alaska. But I must say I haven’t before seen such an amusing example of the press telegraphing their target. They are doling out some love for Murkowski in hopes of having her at the back door every night scratching for more scraps — or, as we call it around here, “growing in office.”


The next thing you know we’ll start hearing about Real Alaskan “straight talk.”


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