Planet Gore

Speaking of “Climate-Change Tours”

What with John McCain kicking off his “climate change tour,” having just landed myself from the last of my own (campus-wise, that is, with a few more professional-audience gigs in the next fortnight before a break) it is incumbent upon me to thank gracious hosts, from St. John’s and St. Benedict’s — not once, but twice –Hanover College, Arizona State, Case Western, Central Florida, Michigan State, Lawrence University and Wisconsin-Madison. I apologize if I’ve skipped someone, there were a few private-sector talks in the mix as well, and the past few days were not exactly United Airlines’ finest, so I’m a big groggy.
Thanks to all who hosted me, and participated. The questions seemed to get more substantive as events proceeded. Perhaps prefacing my remarks by describing how the inevitable ad hominem during Q&A would be received helped keep the conversation focused on facts and ideas. So hats off to the various campus groups and the help of CFACT and YAF. I look forward to the fall semester. Who knows, maybe with so “much climate change going on,” we will see spark an actual political debate in the campaign or in Congress. So far, I’ve seen an awful lot more substance out of college students.


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