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Speaking of undisclosed locations

A very embarassing chapter for our nation’s scientific establishment has been unfolding, including on line and much or it at the new website, run by Anthony Watts. Mr. Watt among others in the field had noticed a preponderance of ridiculously sited surface temperature measuring apparatuses such that an obvious warming bias must be reflected in ours, the world’s most reliable network of surface measuring stations (see below for examples). It seems that siting thermometers in Arizona parking lots, amid California black asphalt, cell towers and air conditioning vents, next to trash burn barrels or, humorously, aattached to a chimney, overhanging a Weber grill in Hopkinsville, KY, corrupts the data upon which our policymakers desperately seek to base an energy scarcity regime.

In apparent response, the National Climatic Data Center suddenly pulled the location addresses from publicly available resources. We are not amused! Mr. Watts took them to task, and now the locations are again publicly available . There are fewer than 1000 left to photograph, so enterprising shutterbugs, snap-to. [BTW, let me be the first, so far as I know, to predict that the alarmists will do what they’ve done with other legitimate enterprises debunking their hysteria, and submit phony photos to the effort in order to discredit the entirety].

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