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Steve Hayward’s New York Debut

Last night, on the eve of the Tribeca Film Festival, I caught the New York premiere of Steve Hayward’s “A Convenient Truth or Inconvenient Fiction” at the Tribeca Grand Hotel. The film, which has already received coverage in the New York Times, played well to a packed theater, with Hayward providing a genial, self-effacing introduction and answering some audience questions afterward.  Fittingly, the Q&A was one of the wonkiest, fact-and-figure-heavy sessions I’ve seen (and that’s including numerous D.C. policy-talk lunches), but Hayward handled everything smartly, answering with technical detail where necessary and converting info into something like layman’s terms whenever possible.  As has been mentioned here before, the film is online, and I’d encourage you to watch it for yourself.

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