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Sticking to the Facts

Be sure to check out Jim Manzi’s feature article – called “The Right Formula“ – in Planet Gore’s little greenhouse-away-from-home over on the homepage.
Manzi urges conservatives to take the science of climate science seriously — to continue to answer unsupportable theories with facts, but never with anti-intellectualism.
A Planet Gore reader has this to say in response:

In my experience, converatives are still getting whipsawed and flattened by Gore and his liberal cohorts in every public fight. The reasons are explained perfectly by Jim Manzi’s article.I spent about 18 months helping a global warming (carbon sequestration) startup, and so had endless opportuntities to observe the naescent Californial carbon-regulation industry at CARB (California Air Resources Board) hearings. Over and again, the conservative speakers at meetings were crushed in debate, because they could not resist the tempation to try to undercut the science of global warming, something that any average bystander could immediately see was a lost cause.  Truly, it was sad to watch them get beaten. Even the industrialists in the audience, who would be most likely to support the anti-global-warming arguments, were unsympathetic. I remember one cement company CEO shake his head, in the back of the room, and say “you know, this guy [a conservative analyst, trying to argue that the science of global warming was flawed] just doesn’t get it . . . that debate is over and we lost. OK? Global warming is going to get regulated in some way. What we need is leadership on fighting for intelligent regulations. This guy is fighting over lost ground, when he should be falling back to defend a new and stronger position.”

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