Planet Gore

A story you won’t read domestically

Leave it to the Independent to tout the jolly green gigantic folly that is the Democrats’ “energy bill” — I’d say “[sic]“, but it occurs to me that that is after all what this legsislation is about, if your energy bill — and its estimated $7 billion USD per year price tag to make us all millionaires from selling windmills to each other.

My guess is that at the DNC this would not be a welcome story here and therefore, I posit, is not one you will see domestically unless and until a buzz starts about the boondoggle.  But see how even our friends at the Independent couldn’t resist a shot at the Democrats’ newfound priority about which they hardly made a peep during their campaign to retake Congress, juxtaposed nicely with the pithy assessment of President Bush’s stance seeimngly in apology for the ritual Bush-is-blind-to-the-truth poke that precedes it (emphasis added): 

The Democrat-controlled House of Representatives wants to spend almost $7bn (£3.5bn) in the coming year to reduce the nation’s enormous carbon footprint. This has put it on a collision course with the White House, which remains in denial about the dangers of global warming.
A major clash is expected between the White House and Congress in the autumn, with President George Bush sceptical of the Democrats’ newfound enthusiasm for the environment. The best way to reduce America’s dependence on foreign oil is to drill for more, he believes.


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