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Stuck on . . . Warming

This is too rich. When the Old Farmer’s Almanac confounds the alarmist press (from which class USA Today manages to emerge in this instance), by not merely predicting a cold winter but cooling over coming decades, the Washington Post rushes out a piece huffing that global warming has even managed to undercut our ability to project climate out beyond, oh, next week.


Hmmm. Please to repeat that part about not being able to credibly model climate?


There’s a chance this represents the long-awaited WaPo admission of the worst-kept secret and the most expensive scandal in the global warming industry: that climate models are lousy at predicting the climate. But my money’s on this being an example of Abu Ghraib logic: warming not only brings lots of things, like cooling, but also makes it too hard to predict weather because, you know, we keep predicting warming but are getting cooling, which just shows that warming has made predicting climate too hard.


Ever think that some folks cling too desperately to a particular idea? Cue Leon Festinger . . .


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