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Switch to Ethanol, Use More Gasoline!

Trust the U.S. Government to reveal the foolishness of ethanol – by converting to it.  From a commodities newsletter issued by a major investment bank:

Can a $1.00 US First Class stamp be far away?

Bberg–The U.S. Postal Service purchased more than 30,000 ethanol-capable trucks  and minivans from 1999 to 2005, making it the biggest American buyer of alternative-fuel vehicles. Gasoline consumption  jumped by more than 1.5 million  gallons as a result.  A Postal Service study found the new vehicles got as much  as 29 percent fewer miles to the gallon.  Mail carriers used the corn-based fuel in just 1,000 of them because there weren’t enough places to buy it.

Now wait a minute.  A purchasing manager went out and bought 30K vehicles without checking the mileage differential between an E-85 vehicle and an E-10 or E-15 vehicle while also not checking on an adequate input supply chain? Are we the only ones on the planet that know that Ethanol returns 30% lower mileage than gasoline while Diesel returns 30% higher than

gasoline?  E-85 is what, 50 cents or 12 1/2% lower than the price of regular gasoline and Diesel is what 50 cents, or 15% higher than the price of Gasoline? Rough numbers I know, but if I’m buying a vehicle that costs 10 to 15% less to fill up to get a 30% lower return, my math tells me I’m still at least a 15% loser. Conversely, if I buy a vehicle that costs 15% more to fill up but get a 30% better return am I not still 15%? Again, very rough numbers I know but you get the point.

You just can’t make some of this stuff up.  I’m with T. Boone, ethanol’s a joke.

’Nuff said.


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