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Taking On the American Physical Society

Prominent members of the American Physical Society, the professional association for physicists, is petitioning the APS and calling for the APS to take back its 2007 declaration of carbon emissions as an international emergency. The petition basically asks for the APS to review the data in light of Climategate. So far, there’s been no answer from the APS higher-ups.

Princeton University physicist William Happer writes:

The APS has not responded to our petition. We submitted the petition several weeks ago… Prof. Callan, the president elect of the APS, who works in the same building in Princeton University as Professor Austin and I, has been unable to find time to discuss the petition with us.
We have independently contacted as many members of the APS as we can to ask for their support of the petition. We are getting about as many supportive as negative responses, so I would judge that about half the membership of the APS agrees with us. Those who oppose us usually have little or nothing to say about the science and plenty of things to say about what evil people we are. Those who agree with us are troubled by the lack of scientific support for the current APS statement and the highly political nature of it.

It’s an amusing image of Professor Callan doing his best to hide from Professor Happer.