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Taxes Kill Jobs, They Don’t Create Them

This is rather appalling: “U.S. business leaders including the troubled Big Three automakers offered a prescription on Tuesday for economic recovery and job creation: cap the carbon emissions that spur global warming.”


Wha? And, that has worked . . . where, again?


But look closely and you see that these special pleaders include individuals looking to sell ration coupons — and otherwise receive subsidies making their path a cost-free and likely profitable one, while sticking you with the tab. Not many buyers queuing up, now, are there? And at present they all seem quite willing to say just about anything.


Folks, why do we suddenly no longer look to our moral, intellectual, and environmental superiors, Europe? They tried this nonsense, in heady economic times, and the pain and waste was so great that – with the knowledge that comes from experience under their belts — in the face of the economic slowdown are at least smart enough to admit the truth, call a halt and event start looking for ways out.


Meanwhile, our political class is so eager to “do something” – and this is after all something, so we must do it – that we are making excuse after excuse for a remarkably stupid series of gestures, and at the worst possible moment.


As Lord Lawson of Blaby has just stated in the House of Lords debate over the UK’s “climate bill”: “The Bill will go down in history, and future generations will see it, as the most absurd Bill that this House and Parliament as a whole has ever had to examine.” Words to the wise, Congress, words to the wise.


The only solace one can take is that these individuals are actually establishing a record to which their names are forever attached. Sadly, however, our system seems to mete out political accountability selectively, and if one’s intentions are in the “right” place . . . well, an awful lot can apparently be forgiven.


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