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These aren’t the emissions you’re looking for

India may be among the top greenhouse-gas emitters, but it really isn’t because it’s poor.

Greenhouse gases: Not the largest emitter, says India
United Nations, Aug. 3 (PTI): India on Thursday rejected the contention it was among the largest emitter of greenhouse gases saying its per capita emission of the polluting gases blamed for global warming was just one-fourth of the world average.
New Delhi also charged the developed countries with putting the onus on developing countries to tackle climate change, a “problem” which they had created through unabated carbon dioxide emissions for over 150 years.
“The present state of Greenhouse Gases (GHG) concentration in the atmosphere is the result of over a century-and-a-half of unabated emissions by the developed countries,” India’s UN Ambassador, Nirupam Sen, told the General Assembly’s special session convened to discuss the issue of climate change.
Stating that per capita emission was a good criteria to judge who were the polluters, he said India’s per capita GHG emission is one tonne per annum against global average of four tonnes per annum…

Get it? Sure, one may be among the top few emitters, but the key is to change the way you look at it…to something more favorable to one’s argument that this is such a crisis that other people need to do something. Absolute emissions really aren’t the appropriate metric, one needs per capita emissions which metric, by the way, places on an equal footing all standards of living. Why aren’t your emissions more like India’s? Well, ma’am, because we’re rich. (To pressure test how much one doesn’t like that, please tell us where you’d rather ride out severe weather, which we will always face.)
No matter how much the alarmists want you to forget it, wealthier is not only healthier, but cleaner. But, either allegations of catastrophic man-made global warming is a great threat, or it isn’t. Accepting arguendo that it is, wouldn’t it be more dignified to simply admit that a failure to grow economically — to become one of those high per capita emission countries you decry — is a greater threat?


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