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Thoughts on Standards, and Practices

I have been privately amused at the contradiction between the alarmists’ long and distinguished history of citing warm days, weeks, months, and (of course) years — as well as specific weather events — as evidence  of warming, just as they throw fits over anyone daring to note the global cooling or severe winter our hemisphere is experiencing.


Of course, I do not pretend surprise that such a crowd would be so hypocritical and blinded so as to miss even the most brazen double-standards. Still, it is noteworthy how their own modus operandi (minus the ad hominem) is precisely what they are now shrieking about and — more importantly — disparaging as a desperate act.

But I do note the likelihood that we’ll soon see an escalation of their well-honed (and now disparaged) practice at doing just that — what with the hemispheric warming that models are predicting for the spring and summer of 2009. But with an extra kick this time.


As Scientific Alliance just wrote (it’s under “Newsletters”): “The omens do not look good for a new deal. The climate change lobby desperately needs 2009 to break records for high average temperatures and extreme weather. Summer ice melt in the Arctic in 2008 was hyped, but the winter growth seems to be more rapid than usual.”

That is, the latter two-thirds of the year will surely be unprecedented in terms of various alarmist spin (and we may even see more outrageous abuses of the data). Of course, the Inconvenient Truth crowd’s litany about severe winter being “consistent with” their pet theory is a foretaste of that, as is the crab-walk over to “climate change” from warming (and before that from cooling). The first few pages of Red Hot Lies offers a whopping list of the everything’s-caused-by-warming silliness.
So remember all of their sniveling about the meaninglessness — and even intellectual dishonesty — of noting the inconsistent global cooling and severe winter as the calendar advances. Should this summer be a hot one, expect an escalation of precisely what they are apoplectic over others doing now. Let’s see if my crystal ball is still 20/20.


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