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Time for Red Hot Lies II (Already)?

Planet Gore has had some, though not extensive, comment on the latest example of Mann-made warming–as in Michael “Hockey Stick” Mann–which comes in the form of an article (Steig et al., the et al. including the infamous Mann) claiming that it turns out the troublesome Antarctic really is warming, if you create “virtual data.”

Others have taken their whacks and it is perfectly fitting that Hockey-Stick debunker Steve McIntyre be the one to expose the particular, newest claim of “smoking gun” data as simply another scandalous chapter in the warmists’ hit parade of errors and fabrications. It took him a matter of hours to do what not one peer reviewer apparently bothered to do.

Now Rob Bradley over at “Master Resource” takes note today (with a kind reference to similar anecdotes detailed in RHL) how the Steig episode–and the authors’ subsequent lashing out at those who exposed them–reminds him of the antics of other leading alarmists, back in the day when Enron was leading the nascent Global Warming Industry. For those following the tactics and behavior of our leading lights in climate alarmism, to whom policymakers inexplicably continue to turn for support in pushing a long-held statist agenda, it’s worth a read.


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