Planet Gore

Top scientists dispute “the consensus”

Even as the MSM continues what George Will calls “a campaign without peacetime precedent. . . by opinion-forming institutions to indoctrinate Americans,” a superb series of articles by Lawrence Solomon for Canada’s National Post blows holes in the GW “consensus” — and exposes the journalistic malpractice at institutions like the New York Times.
Solomon has interviewed some of the world’s top scientists — Antonino Zichichi (President, World Federation of Scientists), Christopher Landsea (Atlantic Oceanographic & Meteorological Laboratory), Carl Wunsch (Prof., Physical Oceanography, MIT), Duncan Wingham (Prof., Climate Physics at U-London), and so on — all of whom take issue with the MSM’s claim that man is catastrophically warming the planet.
More disturbingly, many of these experts pointedly disagree with the IPCC’s report, disputing its findings or outright accusing the U.N. of fraud. Landsea, for example, resigned from the IPCC in protest over their politicization of hurricane data.
The New York Times yet again propagandized Monday (Business section) that there is a “strong scientific consensus about global warming.” Maybe not. Just read Solomon.


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