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Transparency, Airbrushing, and the Non-person

Greenwire (subscription required) reports that President Bush’s administrator in charge of the Environmental Protection Agency thinks (surprise!) that the EPA deserves Cabinet status.

OK, I’ll bite. What I think he’s really saying, then, is how really important the nominee is who has been tapped to lord over not just EPA but the Secretary of Energy — both leadership posts that require Senate confirmation due to their role in shaping policy. This is of course the Climat . . . er, “Energy” . . . Czar, Carol Browner.

Browner, you recall, has had a new position created for her — the reason being the obvious disaster that she would bring upon herself and the Obama administration if subjected to the kind of Senate scrutiny that is required for the important officials whom she will direct.

As expected, Browner is now a non-person to the Socialist International, which suddenly scrubbed its website touting Ms. Browner’s affiliation — first reported by Steve Milloy of (and don’t worry, we saved the pages before the inevitable airbrushing began).

Hey, comrades, what’s to be ashamed of?!

NOTE: This item has been edited from its original form.


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