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Trucks Lift Chrysler Sales

Detroit – Chrysler media headlines for the last month have crowed about its coming small cars — a four-door Fiat 500 and an electric car. You know, cars that Washington wants. Cars that meet the 35 mpg federal mandate. Cars that satisfy Obama’s quid pro quo that Fiat gets the Detroit company for free if it builds a small car here.
Meanwhile, in the real world, truck demand is soaring. Chrysler reported a first-quarter $143 million operating profit today (though a net $197 million loss) thanks largely to sales of its new Dodge Ram Heavy Duty pickup.
“We are confident that Chrysler sales will continue to increase as we launch new products in the second quarter, beginning with the all-new 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee (SUV),” CEO Sergio Marchionne said, momentarily dropping the cynical green marketing pretense that the future is small and green.
The automaker’s other offerings will include the giant Dodge Durango replacement, all-new Chrysler 300 big sedan, and Dodge Charger muscle car. And, oh, yes, that little Fiat 500.


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