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Update: Global Warming Stikes the ‘Rescue’ Icebreaker in Antarctica

To follow up on this post yesterday of the ice-bound climate scientists in Antarctica, it look like they’re going to need a bigger boat icebreaker:

A Chinese icebreaker boat trying to eat through a dense ice block in Antarctica to rescue 74 people trapped on a ship since Christmas Day has had to halt efforts because the ice is too thick.

The Chinese “Snow Dragon” reached the ice floe off the coast of Cape de la Motte, and got about 6.7 nautical miles from the Russian-operated MV Akademik Shokalskiy  Friday, before calling off the mission, according to the Australian Maritime Safety Authority.  

The Russian ship is not in danger of sinking, and there are ample supplies and food for those aboard.  A rescue coordination center is exploring other options to help free the ship, including the evacuation of all passengers.  Another ice breaker ship that has better capabilities than the Chinese vessel, the Aurora Australis, is headed towards the Shokalskiy and is expected to arrive over the weekend.

Remember, it’s summer in the southern hemisphere. I hope they rescue these poor people before the weather gets, you know, cold.

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