Planet Gore

Vegas, baby

In an attempt to win “Most Hyperbolic” in the sweepstakes of global warming alarmism — no mean feat — the UN Secretary General turns “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” on its head in spectacular fashion, averring that global warming caused the fighting in Darfur. The reason is increased desertification.

Let us put aside the debatable substance or premise underlying this claim — particularly given that deserts, like the cooperative Sahara, should retreat in a warmer world — and focus on the dangers of such officials appealing to fashionable, attention-getting statements as opposed to what we might term the “root causes” of such unrest : lack of wealth and technology, not to mention a respect for property rights and transparent judiciary, assault on corruption — the usual. In fairness Ban Ki-Moon does invoke these factors after his attention-seeking bombast, which shouldn’t distract us from recalling how the latter, if credible, indicates that we should also see Bally’s and the Golden Nugget warring, with the Cesar’s and Bellagio hordes swooping down from the Strip to capitalize on the strife.
Next, he’ll complain about the U.N. not being taken seriously anymore.


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