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Video Coverage of the BP Spill

First up, here’s the press conference from earlier today with Napolitano, Salazar, Jindal, and various Senators. Stick around for Gov. Jindal and Sen. Vitter, who hit the Obama administration’s slow response to their request to erect sand berms to protect Louisiana’s wetlands. According to Vitter, they’ve been waiting two weeks for environmental approvals from the Corps of Engineers. Jindal also lays out a long list of what’s lacking from the federal government that those present from the federal government simply ignore.

And up next is the always entertaining Andrea Mitchell interviewing oil expert Chris Matthews. Highlights include Matthews bringing up his now 40-year-old report on the oil industry, his hinting that Cheney was paid off by Halliburton, and some inevitable Palin bashing — with Mitchell whining “where does Sarah Palin get off?” criticizing the Obama administration’s response to the spill, with an accompanying eye-roll from Matthews. Lost on the pair is that Palin and Matthews share the view that Obama isn’t doing enough, except Palin isn’t advocating using “dynamite” on the well, as Matthews does.

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