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Volt Unveiled: Will Chicks Dig It?

Bob “Global Warming Is A Total Crock” Lutz, General Motors’ legendary VP for Product Development, is not one to mince words – but didn’t get where he is by ignoring market realities. The marketplace currently screams for green, and Lutz has been the point man for the Chevy Volt electric car.


But when Maximum Bob went on the Colbert Report Wednesday night, he and the host got right down to the Volt’s essentials, namely: What kind of chick would it attract?


The resulting, riotous exchange will make greens cringe and everyone else roll on the floor with laughter:


Colbert: Let’s talk man talk here for a second. . . . Is it sexy? Will it get me laid?


Lutz: I think so. Ummm . . .


Colbert: It might change the type of woman I’m attracting?


Lutz: You’re gonna get a lot of very nice, no makeup, environmental types. . . .


Colbert: A little crunchier. (Pulling up pants leg) Maybe a little hair on the legs down here.

Watch clip here.


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