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Warming to the Conversation . . .

We just needed an icebreaker.
Spending item #31 in Stephen Spruiell and Kevin Williamson’s rundown of the “stimulus” bill’s not-so-fabulous 50 is $87 million for a new polar icebreaker.
Planet Gore reader Roger J. notes:

Why on earth would the Dems put in $87 million for a new polar ice breaking ship when the Goracle said in December that the arctic will be ice free in five years or less? Isn’t Congress listening? Wouldn’t it take several years just to build and commission the ship?

I’d like to ignore that inconvenient point for now, because what this bill is about is jobs–and good, green jobs, too.
Think of all the good this little spending item can do for the eco-tourism industry. We can’t have all those polar pilgrims who head north to witness the dwindling Arctic sea ice getting stuck in the, um, sea ice–you know, like these ones, and these, and this guy–can we?
Arctic ice is a terrible threat to the threatened-Arctic-ice industry. These are jobs worth saving. Well, some of them are Russian and Canadian jobs, but hey, we’re all in this together.


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