Planet Gore

We Don’t Need No Education

In my adult life, I’ve lived and worked mostly in “progressive” areas (college dorms, downtown DC, Manhattan), and it’s always surprised me how frequently these right-thinking people throw their newspapers and plastics in trash cans – even when a recycling bin is sitting right there.

Well, at Virginia Tech, an “Earth sustainability class” celebrated Earth Day yesterday by calling attention to students’ lack of care. They collected more than a thousand plastic bottles from trash cans and used them to build a wall.
Of course, it wouldn’t be a green event without a severe hygiene deficit:

Tech sophomore Lauryn Douglas and three of her classmates thought they had already done the hard part of their class project when they fished through campus trash cans for two weeks in search of plastic bottles, their hands getting sticky with grime.
“We got a lot of funny looks,” said sophomore Miranda Peterson. “I’m no longer grossed out about anything.”

Turns out, Mother Nature herself wasn’t much of a fan: “Shortly after the wall was set up Tuesday, a gust of wind knocked it down.”