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We Must Attack By Day . . .

I just had the pleasure of another vist on Dennis Miller’s radio show–easily as much fun to be on as it is to listen to. As we went to a break, he suggested going into a new rent-seeking business, green weaponry.

That’s as far as it went–which is too bad, because I wanted to work my chops on the idea. Sure, solar-powered nukes would take away some of the stealth of a first strike. And this would certainly limit the fields of conflict, since we know you can’t allow, say, wind-powered tanks to roll where birds fly or Kennedys live.

But actually, given how well these “green technologies” really work, an international treaty would leave war about as menacing as a full-contact game of Stratego.


Of course, we now know that the rest of the world refuses to be bound by or otherwise observe global-warming treaties, so I guess it’s a hare-brained idea. Which means we’ll probably be hearing Joe Biden float the idea any day now.


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