Planet Gore

Weekend at Henry’s

That was quite something, seeing Waxman & co. drag this lifeless, increasingly fetid corpse around, pretending that it’s got legs of its own. And I must admit to complete sympathy with those who are upset that, were it not for those eight Yeas who self-identify as Republican, the bill’s champions wouldn’t have had to waste their time cleaning up Patrick Kennedy for an outing; the jig would’ve been up.

And so . . . 219-212. That’s priceless — putting aside my recollection of commenting, upon hearing that eight or so Republicans had been given a “pass” on the bill by GOP leadership, that “This could be an eight-vote vote. You never know. It could be that close.”

Now, we have to admit that this outcome translates into about 51 votes in the Senate — assuming an equal portion of safely elected San Francisco and Beverly Hills and Massachusetts activists willing to go out on that scrawny limb of an enormous energy tax. But think of all of the material this provided. Like John Larson of Connecticut, who for a while at least had the intellectual honesty to call for the less-mean-to-seniors-and-the-poor direct carbon tax, dressing up his newfound cap-and-trade support in angry testimony to American superiority and greatness (that’ll serve him well in the Democrat Party). Forget naming names among Republicans and whomever it was who served as this year’s Mezvinsky (votes # 218 and 219 who, by dawdling, sagely ensured that they can be the face of the deciding vote). I want to know: What countries is Larson referring to who have taxed their way to greatness?


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