Planet Gore

This Week’s GOP Address from Tennessee’s Marsha Blackburn

On Copenhagen:

Hi, I’m Congressman Marsha Blackburn, and I have the great honor of representing Tennessee’s Seventh District.

Next week, I and a number of my Republican colleagues in the House of Representatives will head to Copenhagen — Denmark’s capital city — where diplomats and politicians from around the world have gathered in an attempt to try to reach an international, UN-brokered agreement on climate change.

If President Obama has his way, the Copenhagen conference will produce mandatory emissions limits that would destroy millions of American jobs and damage our economic competitiveness for decades to come.

To comply with this UN-brokered agreement, Washington Democrats want to impose a “cap-and-trade” national energy tax, a bureaucratic nightmare that would make households, small businesses and family farms pay higher prices for electricity, gasoline, food and virtually every product made in America.

This legislation is currently making its way through the Senate after passing the House of Representatives in June.

President Obama himself has said that as a result of this national energy tax, electricity prices would, and I quote, “necessarily skyrocket.” His own Department of Energy has determined that millions of jobs would be lost.

Since Democrats in Congress have failed to get a cap and trade bill to the President’s desk ahead of the Copenhagen Summit, President Obama took unilateral action this week to pile more regulation on the backs of families and small businesses in the name of combating global warming.

On Monday the President’s EPA administrator, Lisa Jackson, took the first step toward imposing costly new regulations on businesses for emitting carbon. My bill, H.R. 391 would stop the EPA.

Just think of what will happen to small businesses and manufacturers hit with these skyrocketing energy bills, especially when nations like India and China don’t agree to these mandatory emissions limits.

With Americans already facing double-digit unemployment, there could not be a worse time to unilaterally disarm our engines of job creation and economic growth.

In fact, small businesses are already feeling anxiety and holding off on hiring due to the prospect of this national energy tax, a government takeover of health care, and other costly policies Democrats have in the works.

These aren’t issues President Obama, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Democrats in Congress will talk about when they are in Copenhagen, but Republicans will.

Also absent from the discussion in Copenhagen is the Climategate scandal. Recently leaked e-mails reveal climate scientists have a long track record of manipulating data to hide scientific evidence that contradicts the global warming establishment.

And why? To bully citizens and lawmakers into supporting job-killing energy tax schemes.

This scandal raises serious questions about Democrats climate control plans, questions that deserve a transparent investigation — not a rush to judgment — by the bureaucrats in Copenhagen.

Republicans are all for clean water, clean air, and clean energy. We just don’t think we have to tax people out of house and home to get there. That’s why we have proposed an “all of the above” energy strategy that says, let’s put every clean, responsible energy option on the table so we can create jobs, ease the strain on family budgets, and clean up our environment.

This is one of a series of common-sense solutions Republicans have proposed to empower families and small businesses while Democrats have continued to rely on more spending, more regulation, and more government to try and solve every problem.

Nothing sums this up more than the trillion-dollar “stimulus” of borrowing and spending that has failed to create jobs “immediately” and keeps unemployment below eight percent as promised. Instead, more than three million Americans have lost their jobs and unemployment has risen to double-digits.

Given the opportunity to try a new approach, President Obama has instead proposed more of the same “stimulus” spending paid for by borrowing from our children and grandchildren.

It’s time for Washington to learn the hard lesson that families already know: growing debt only cripples freedom and spending more money than you have is no plan for prosperity. Only Republicans have provided a fiscally responsible blueprint for helping families and small businesses weather this economic crisis and get back up on their feet.

Thank you for listening.