Planet Gore

A Well-Arrayed Disarray

Remember the Guardian report from Tuesday about a “leaked” draft proposal supposedly pitting rich countries vs. poor ones? Chris Horner won’t be surprised, but it turns out that several developing nations not only knew about the proposal, but had a hand in drafting it, as well. The Los Angeles Times reports:

Reporting from Copenhagen — In public at least, the early days of the climate summit here have been dominated by developing nations’ furor over a proposed ” Copenhagen Agreement” that leaked to environmentalists and reporters Tuesday.
But many developing nations — including China and India — in fact had a hand in drafting the “Danish text,” a person with deep knowledge of the negotiations said today.
Developing countries including China, India, Brazil, Algeria, Ethiopia and Bangladesh had “input into the process and product” of the proposed agreement, the source said.
Representatives of those nations knew about the agreement’s most controversial provisions, including commitments for greenhouse gas reductions by developing countries and a reduced role for the United Nations in climate policy, well before the summit began. It was unclear if everyone in the room agreed to every provision.

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