Planet Gore

What, No ‘Stagecraft’?

You have to admit that this embarassing and persistent “Gore effect” (now “Hansen effect” — maybe we should just call it the Curse of the Alarmists) reveals that the global-warming hysterics were right to check with the National Weather Service and time the weather for their 1988 Senate hearing that kicked this whole thing off.

The humor in their continuing fecklessness and futility is compounded by being so regularly and (as today) spectacularly foiled by the climate they claim to understand and predict a century out. Their confusion each time — over whether to avoid the potentially embarassing news stories or, like a handful of the bitter-enders always do, stand in teeth-chattering and often unseasonable cold and storminess — only adds to their cartoonishness.

But turning off the air conditioning – to get an already breathless press corps even more hot and bothered over taking pictures of James Hansen mopping his brow to help sell you on his prophesying – well, that’s a very different and rather revealing bit of chicanery altogether.

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