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What Will 2009 Bring?

I gave a radio interview the other day where the host was fascinated with the idea of “the blue dress moment” for the global-warming alarmist industry (his ribald metaphor for the point at which something is done or admitted such that it is no longer possible for the press to continue a self-imposed censorship).


My instinct was that, with the advent of that world-wide interweb, the embarrassment of pulling another switcheroo like they did from cooling to warming — only this time back again to cooling — was unlikely. Besides, Al Gore’s been given a mystery $300 million for a re-branding campaign to “climate crisis,” encompassing everything. Finally, I noted, this vehicle is simply too important as a condition precedent to them getting so much of what they generally desire, in policy terms, that I see them clinging to their alarmism like grim death.


Still, here you see the Irish press noting their environment minister slamming the global warming theory as a con — but only the Irish press, and it is not surprising that they should cover something one of their government’s ministers said. That makes now two EU environment ministers — Europe! — now saying enough is enough (Italy’s, as well). Not much interest outside of the hometown rag, however.


So who knows? Maybe we will look back and even decide that this was such a moment. Don’t mock the oft-inane outlet in which the revelation appeared, it is precisely the source that could lead to this it serving such a function. As the tired saw goes, only Nixon could go to China…


Or, maybe we will look back at one more year of the warming still buried in a flurry of cooler-than-projected observations, with no appreciable acknowledgement by the media (of any establishment-Left variety), and it will turn out that this message must go around the press.


Possibly instead they will continue the rhetorical gymnastics of hiding the cooling, with silliness like the current favorite of “among ten hottest ever” or “10 of the hottest in last 12 years,” even though not one of them opted to report that “In 2008 the Dow finished among its 10 highest levels in history” (it was 10th; so it’s going up, right?) or “10 of the Dow’s highest finishes ever have come in the past 11 years.” (So that means it’s going up, right?) [Of course, while the Dow closings have not been adjusted for inflation, the record is also clear that the supposed warmest years have not been properly adjusted for the corrupted surface temps that are increasingly tossed into the mix to help prop up the temps in the face of cooling].


So, recognizing all of this, I nonetheless predict that 2009 will prove the end of the global-warming industry as a serious threat, at least in its current incarnation and for a decade, possibly more. This might only be because, their leaders’ ongoing cautions notwithstanding, they felt compelled to finally try and push the agenda through. Here’s to seeing how that plays out.


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