Planet Gore

What Would Al Gore Say? “Turn It Off”?

Genesis will be playing at Live Earth this weekend. They also will be using a whole lot of electricity during their upcoming tour.

Phil Collins and his mates have pulled out all the stops on their comeback tour, with a massive LED stage backdrop.

An astonishing backdrop containing more than 9 million LEDs has been created for the Genesis “Turn It On Again” world tour.

XL Video UK has supplied 15,089 Barco O-Lite LED panels with 270 control boxes, plus 102 Mitsubishi 16:8 high-resolution LED panels.
The O-lite panels make up a spectacular back wall measuring 13 metre high and 55 metre wide. This is surrounded and topped by 7 lighting towers (“ribs”) reaching heights of up to 28 metres, with the entire structure resembling a giant conch shell. This was designed by Mark Fisher/Stufish.


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