Planet Gore

What’s the Carbon Footprint of Obama-palooza?

From ABC News on the stars and wealthy arriving in D.C. for the inauguration tomorrow:

For CEOs and stars arriving by private jet, local airports have shut down entire runways to serve as parking lots for their planes. Officials are prepared to handle hundreds of private aircraft for the long weekend.

No doubt the CEOs and stars voted for Obama because his devotion to saving the world from excessive C02 emissions.

But don’t worry, after arriving by private jet, a luxury hybrid will make things right:

The Ritz-Carlton sold a “Politically Correct” package for $50,000, which includes four nights in one of the hotel’s suites; two hard-to-come-by seats at the inaugural parade; two tickets to an inaugural ball; a luxury hybrid vehicle with chauffeur on call 24 hours a day; a ball gown and tuxedo from Saks Fifth Avenue; a private in-suite dinner for two at the hotel’s restaurant, and more, including a special, inauguration-themed pendant of gold, diamonds, rubies and sapphires valued at $8,000.


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