Planet Gore

When All Else Fails . . .

We’ve all heard the broad-based nastiness oozing from the Left this past weekend on various issues political and otherwise. But it struck me how the landfall-free hurricane seasons of 2006 and 2007 have apparently driven that team’s general climate moonbattery to unprecedented depths of desperation.


They’re so nutty, they forgot to blame you or even George W. Bush for Hurricane Gustav and even stumbled onto . . . God.


As summarized by Corner veteran Rod Dreher on CrunchyCon:

“Former Democratic Party chairman Don Fowler gloat[ed] that the fact that south Louisiana will be slammed by a Katrina-strength monster hurricane on the day that George W. Bush speaks at the GOP convention ‘just demonstrates that God’s on our side.’ What kind of cretin makes that sort of remark, given what Louisiana and Mississippi suffered the last time a hurricane like this hit the nation? (Besides Michael Moore, that is, who said the hurricane is ‘proof that there is a God in heaven.’)”

I have to admit that there’s actually something rather satisfying about this sick spectacle.


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