Planet Gore

When the Lights, Go Down, in the Cit-ay

I often shake my head at the timid response that elected opponents of the Gore agenda are capable of mustering when, as Iain points out, not only are his claims so risibly unsupportable, but his rhetorical ruses make the little pig’s house of straw appear a mighty fortress.

To wit, consider the closing Gore/Kerry colloquy in today’s Foreign Relations Committee hearing, on how 884 U.S. cities support Kyoto being somehow evidence that Gore was wrong to not seek ratification for three years after agreeing to the treaty the Senate (yeah, most of that formulation didn’t make it into the colloquy).

They’ve tried this for years, as the number grew, and my response remains the same:

Great. That’s the best kind of Kyoto, the kind demanded by the vast majority of the world: voluntary, and you can vote the pols out of office and cut it out if they make it hurt.


You can’t just change your mind and drop a treaty, as anyone like Mr. Gore who’s read Kyoto (right?) knows full well. So we agree with those cities’ approach. Let’s continue doing that.


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