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Where the Ideologues Roam

One thing struck me about today’s rollout of President-Elect Obama’s “science” team, which as noted below is chock-full of global warming alarmists hailed as leading scholars but who, upon scrutiny, turn out to have gained their highest credential – membership in the National Academy of Sciences – through a “temporary” (if still ongoing) back door for environmentalist activists, seemingly acknowledging that this was their sole pathway available to them.


I notice the strange distinction that it is solely on the issue of “global warming” that the rigidly dogmatic ideologues have found succor so far in the administration.


Of course, as I note in response to alarmists calling for a suspension of democracy and other arcane notions involving individual and economic liberties just for this one issue – seriously, I detail this pattern in Red Hot Lies – “just this one issue” happens to be an amalgamation of economy, energy, sovereignty, and national security.


I mentioned below that NOAA nominee Lubchenco played an active role in Oregon governor Ted Kulongoski sacking longtime Oregon State Climatologist George Taylor after Taylor refused to let a politician tell him what the science should say. Taylor is one of four state climatologists – three chief and one assistant – I identify in RHL for having all met a similar fate in one coincidental fell swoop last year. For example:

George Taylor, head of the Oregon Climate Service at Oregon State University and as such that state’s climatologist, faced the same reverse press-ganging, when Governor Ted Kulongoski remarkably stated that he wanted Taylor removed from his position because of his views. Taylor has published over two hundred research papers and two books, The Climate of Oregon and The Oregon Weather Book. Kulongoski does not boast of any, though he’s surely just being modest.


As one paper kindly editorialized after the muck became hipdeep, “The governor and other Democrats wanted to sideline Taylor for not wholeheartedly going along with the prevailing theory of man-caused global warming, but evidently they didn’t want to be seen doing so.” As a direct response to science not cooperating with politics, and being bound by their inability to simply bestow the title of state climatologist (that being up to the state university and NCDC), the politicians’ solution was to create a new climate center tasked with the same functions as the statutorily created post that Taylor occupied.

It’s a good thing that most (but certainly not all) government scientists have gotten the memo about where their bread is buttered and how to have a pleasant time in the public’s service. Wouldn’t want to have to treat them like a state climatologist insisting that the science says what the science says, not what a politician or his appointee demands that it say.


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