Planet Gore

Who’s in Denial Now?

For months now, I’ve been predicting that when the New York Times finally got around late this year or early next year to reporting about the rapid cooling the planet has experienced in 2008, the headline would likely read: “World Cools — But We’re Still Doomed.”

Looks like I was close: Andrew Revkin’s blog post today is headlined: “A Cooler Year on a Warming Planet.” 

I invite readers to send along the best of the “we’re-still-doomed” headlines that will accompany the stories about the Great Cooling of 2008.

UPDATE: Andrew Revkin writes in politely to suggest that I was unfair not to have noted that he flagged back in May the problem that a cooling trend might cause to the climate campaigners: “Can Climate Campaigns Withstand a Cooling Test?


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