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Why Do You Rob Banks, Willie?

Mr. Sutton: That’s where the money is.

Now, a news story out of Israel cites a scientist having dared quantify what has seemed an increasingly obvious truth, that scientists use global warming to “increase chances of getting their studies funded” and to the point that they are “Approaching the red line when it comes to the ethics of their work.”

“Many local climate experts also accused some researchers of using the increasingly popular issue to increase their chances of getting their studies funded. ‘There’s no doubt that the slogan of climate change has been adopted by researchers from various disciplines to get research budgets because it is attractive to funding bodies in Israel and around the world,’ said Nurit Kliot, a member of the research team that conducted the survey and a professor in the University of Haifa’s department of natural resources management…


Prof. Uri Mingelgreen, a scientist at the government-run Agricultural Research Organization who used to serve as the Environmental Protection Ministry’s chief scientist, called into question the ethics of some scientists. ‘Climate researchers are approaching the red line when it comes to the ethics of their work,’ he said. ‘It’s hard to see research budgets in front of you and not go in the direction that the funding bodies want you to go in, instead of the directions that you think you should go.’”

Those who have viewed Martin Durkin’s “The Great Global Warming Swindle” caught Nigel Calder’s entertaining take on the same. He used the example of seeking a grant to study the nut-gathering habits of a particular squirrel and noting that one is far better positioned to receive the money (and/or get published) if one expresses interest in the effect of climate change on the nut-gathering habits of the particular squirrel.


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