Planet Gore

Why Don’t They Just Snuggle Up to Their Windmills?

The lead graphs in Wednesday’s front page New York Times story, “Russia Cuts Gas, and Europe Shivers,” are irresistible:

MOSCOW — Gazprom, the Russian gas monopoly, halted nearly all its natural gas exports to Europe on Tuesday. . . . The cutoff led to immediate shortages from France to Turkey. Across Europe, countries reported precipitous drops in gas pressure in their pipelines at the peak of the winter heating season in a bitterly cold January.

With temperatures plunging, European leaders expressed mounting concern. Some countries announced rationing for industrial customers to reserve enough heating for residential buildings.

Europeans freezing for a lack of natural gas?

And for the last decade, their leaders have been warning of rising temperatures by building windmills. Looks like the central planners got that one wrong.


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