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This Is Your Brain on Environmentalism

I just read “Today’s Tsunami: This Is What Climate Change Looks Like.” It’s just as ghoulishly opportunistic as Al Gore’s blaming the 2008 cyclone in Burma on global warming.

Following their logic: weather’s not climate — unless it’s warm weather. And one year doesn’t mean anything — unless it’s a warm year. Or a dry one. Or a wet one. Then it means a lot. Oh baby, it sure does.

But tsunamis — well, they don’t mean climate of course. Saying that would make the greens look really nuts. But they’re useful for saying this is what climate change would look like.

Actually, climate change looks like the Medieval Warming (a.k.a Climate Optimum). Good.

But not the Little Ice Age. Bad.

Or, if you’re an IPCC lead author, they’re both bad and have to be airbrushed out of history with an algorithm seeking hockey sticks in tree rings that then requires a little fancy footwork at the end to hide the decline.

All of which says, I think this is what your brain looks like on environmentalism.

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