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The Great Debate, Part 5

Host Charles R. Kesler and Yuval Levin discuss the disaster that is the welfare state and how a new consensus on American institutions is needed.

The Great Debate, Part 4

Host Charles R. Kesler and  Yuval Levin discuss the French Revolution and Burke’s approach to reform.

The Great Debate, Part 3

Yuval Levin and host Charles R. Kesler examine the place of the Declaration of Independence not  only in the development of conservative thought, but as a touchstone shared with progressives ...

The Great Debate, Part 2

Yuval Levin and host Charles R. Kesler examine the role that the American Revolution plays in the formulation of modern conservatism on The American Mind.

The Great Debate, Part 1

Host Charles R. Kesler discusses Yuval Levin’s interpretation of Edmund Burke, his fundamentally conservative understanding of politics, and how examining his part in the debates of his time is the ...