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Episode 47: When Freedom Is Personal

Žilvinas Šilėnas speaks about anti-communist protests in Cuba, August 12, 2021. (Epoch Times/via YouTube)

Žilvinas Šilėnas (his friends call him “Z”), the president of the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE), joins David this week on the Capital Record. Z is a two-time Templeton Freedom Award winner and was the long-time president of the Lithuanian Free Market Institute. He shares an opposition to socialist and Marxist ideas, not merely from believing in the superior ideas of freedom and exchange, but also from living with the horrors of Eastern-bloc central planning for most of his life. Join David and Z as they dive into one man’s personal journey from command/control to freedom and prosperity. Also learn how Z and the good folks at FEE believe that there is an effective way of communicating the ideas of liberty economics to the younger generation.