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Episode 9: Ayn Rand Meets Religion

David interviews his dear friend and mentor, Father Robert Sirico, founder of the Acton Institute. The conversation goes deep and wide around economic history.

Episode 8: With a ‘T’

A dive into the new $1.9 trillion stimulus bill, what it means to markets, to national debt, to economic growth, and more.

Episode 6: Right Said Fed

Bahnsen and his guest Ramesh Ponnuru do a deep dive into all things monetary policy, with a fascinating conversation about what a truly ‘conservative’ view of the Fed looks like ...

Episode 5: Time Is Money

World-renowned economist, technologist, and supply-side guru, George Gilder, joins David to look at the hard truths we know as we enter a post-capitalist world.

Episode 4: The Good Old Days?

Anthony Scaramucci of Skybridge Capital joins David to talk about what role we need from government in a society that protects free enterprise.

Episode 3: The Maker and the Takers

David Bahnsen interviews Jerry Bowyer about one of the most dangerous and destructive teachings to ever pollute our understanding of social justice — the concept that Jesus was a socialist.