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Episode 36: My Kingdom for a Grubstake

Jay talks words, concepts, and the world – including Syria, Russia, Burma, and Taiwan. He also does a little sports (Tiger Woods). And music.

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Episode 35: Movin’ On Up

A slice of the pie, a disinvitation, the anonymous op-ed piece, Europe’s politics, the power of talk, and the power of music.

Episode 30: Light and Dark

Jay starts with a phrase from long ago -- “a thousand points of light” -- and ends with some music, heard in the darkness of Iraq under ISIS.

Episode 29: Leaps and Bounds

Jay has a few subjects historical: Neville Chamberlain, Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan. He has a few subjects current, too: Trump, Putin, Kim.

Episode 28: Pimps, Turks, Dutchmen, and Golfers

Jay Nordlinger “jaywalks” from subject to subject and place to place: social conservatism, in Nevada and elsewhere; freedom of the press, in France and elsewhere; a Dutchy town in Michigan; ...

Episode 27: Sun-Kist Misses and Hits

Jay talks California, conservatism, personal responsibility, and trade -- with some help from three singers: Al Jolson, Ella Fitzgerald, and Bryn Terfel. “Don’t be late.”

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