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Episode 30: Light and Dark

Jay starts with a phrase from long ago -- “a thousand points of light” -- and ends with some music, heard in the darkness of Iraq under ISIS.

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Episode 29: Leaps and Bounds

Jay has a few subjects historical: Neville Chamberlain, Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan. He has a few subjects current, too: Trump, Putin, Kim.

Episode 28: Pimps, Turks, Dutchmen, and Golfers

Jay Nordlinger “jaywalks” from subject to subject and place to place: social conservatism, in Nevada and elsewhere; freedom of the press, in France and elsewhere; a Dutchy town in Michigan; ...

Episode 27: Sun-Kist Misses and Hits

Jay talks California, conservatism, personal responsibility, and trade -- with some help from three singers: Al Jolson, Ella Fitzgerald, and Bryn Terfel. “Don’t be late.”

Episode 26: Bibs, Tuckers, and Songs

At the beginning, Jay says, “Got a slew of issues for you, and some music to go with.” This proves to be true. He talks about the opioid crisis, Seattle, ...

Episode 25: From India to Alabama to Zimbabwe

Jay does a kind of tour, touching on some burning issues and some less burning ones. He talks about the Nobel Peace Prize, a movie about Stalin, and “realism.” Personalities ...

Episode 24: Fantasyland

In this episode, Jay talks music, and plays some recordings – starting with a couple of fantasies.

Episode 22: ‘Seduced’

Jay talks Gershwin (two of them). Michel Legrand plays a prelude. Zell Miller speaks (“Spitballs?”). Jay remarks on baseball -- and Louisiana speech. Finally, a bride sings a song, “Seduced.” A buffet ...

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Politics & Policy

Strzok by a Farce

An investigation is one of two things: a search for the truth, or a farce. The House is conducting a farce. That fact was on full display during ten hours of testimony by Peter Strzok, the logorrheic lawman who steered the FBI’s Clinton-emails and Trump–Russia probes. The principal question before the ... Read More

Democrats Are Dumping Moderates

The activist base of the Democratic party is lurching left fast enough that everyone should pay attention. Activists matter because their turnout in low-turnout primaries and caucuses almost propelled leftist Bernie Sanders to victory over Hillary Clinton in 2016. Last month, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez unseated New ... Read More
Film & TV

Stalin at the Movies

Toward the end of The Death of Stalin, two Communist Party bosses size up Joseph Stalin’s immediate successor, Georgy Malenkov. “Can we trust him?” one asks. “Can you ever really trust a weak man?” his comrade answers. Good question. Last week brought the news that the head of Shambhala ... Read More

‘The Warning Lights Are Blinking Red Again’

One of President Trump’s outstanding appointments has been Dan Coats, his director of national intelligence. Coats is a former House member, former senator, and former ambassador to Germany. He is a Hoosier (i.e., from Indiana). Whether he plays basketball, I don’t know. At Wheaton College, he played soccer. ... Read More