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Episode 25: From India to Alabama to Zimbabwe

Jay does a kind of tour, touching on some burning issues and some less burning ones. He talks about the Nobel Peace Prize, a movie about Stalin, and “realism.” Personalities ...

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Episode 24: Fantasyland

In this episode, Jay talks music, and plays some recordings – starting with a couple of fantasies.

Episode 22: ‘Seduced’

Jay talks Gershwin (two of them). Michel Legrand plays a prelude. Zell Miller speaks (“Spitballs?”). Jay remarks on baseball -- and Louisiana speech. Finally, a bride sings a song, “Seduced.” A buffet ...

Episode 19: A Swirling Gallop

Jay begins and ends with Rossini. He also throws in a little Cole Porter and a little Ben Stein (“Anyone? Anyone?”) as he discusses Russia, China, France, baseball, and other ...

Episode 18: Frenching It Up

Jay talks about infidelity, Bastille Day, the National Front, and the math scores of French students. He also talks about Debussy and the Canadian national anthem (à la française). You ...

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Politics & Policy

Trump’s Superpower

President Trump has a magic power. No, it isn’t the ability to engage in four-dimensional chess, or even to mystically connect with the “common man.” It’s simply this: He can make Democrats defend anything. Democrats have increasingly defined themselves by opposing anything Trump does. Trump, unlike ... Read More
Politics & Policy

The Collapse of the Collusion Narrative

It is now clear that Russian attempts at interference in the 2016 election, though somewhat outrageous, were ineffectual, unconnected with any particular party, a small effort given what a country of Russia’s resources and taste for political skullduggery and chicanery is capable of, and minor compared with the ... Read More