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National Review’s Radio Free California Podcast

Episode 93: Armagideon Time

PG&E turns out the lights on 800,000 Californians, Governor Gavin Newsom celebrates Indigienous Peoples Day, Mitch McConnell slips into Newport Beach to talk banking reform with weed retailers, and more.

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Episode 92: Suicide of the West Coast

California’s climate-change satellite; a non-ironic call by Democrats to discover the source of the state's rising gas prices; a tax hike that drove out the state’s biggest taxpayers?

Episode 91: The Meaning of the OC

Politico’s analysis of historically conservative Orange County’s swing to the left, Saturday Night Live’s takedown of Democratic presidential contenders, and Kamala Harris’s on-again, off-again love affair with ...

Episode 89: Can Trump Fix California?

The president promises to solve California’s homeless crisis, end the state’s right to set its own auto emissions standards, and end underage vaping.

Episode 88: Six Summer Stories

Trump threatens to break Sacramento’s headlock on the auto industry and trolls California lawmakers with a vow to fix the state’s homeless crisis, San Francisco declares NRA a terror group, ...

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