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Episode 42: We’re a One-Woman State

Governor Brown looks ready to sign a bill requiring at least one woman on every company board, Republican Representative Duncan Hunter blames Mrs. Hunter for his legal troubles, the increasingly ...

Episode 37: Class-Conscious Conservatism

David and Will discuss Luke Thompson’s tour de force history of California politics and culture – and consider his prescription for a conservative comeback.

Episode 35: Let Our People Go

David and Will discuss this week’s historic Supreme Court decision eliminating mandatory government union membership – and what that means for the future of California.

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The Bob Newhart Peace Plan

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE There’s a Bob Newhart sketch you probably know: A woman walks into a therapist’s office and says that her life is being spoiled because she spends all of her time obsessing over the fearful possibility that she will be buried alive in a box. His ... Read More
Law & the Courts

So Now What?

So now what? We have a name and an accusation, which is an improvement over the status quo ante. If you’re going to make an allegation of misconduct, this is how you do it: publicly, and attached to as much information as you have. Eternal shame on those who made specific calls before they knew what was being ... Read More