Podcasts National Review’s Radio Free California Podcast

National Review’s Radio Free California Podcast

Episode 161: The Engine That Devours America

The death at 101 of San Francisco poet and publisher Lawrence Ferlinghetti has David and Will thinking of the conservative response to California’s revolutionary artists.

Latest Episodes

Episode 160: Eine Klein Not Music

Kevin D. Williamson educates New York Times columnist Ezra Klein, who just wants California to stop embarrassing the progressive project.

Episode 157: Shocking, Not Shocking

Governor Gavin Newsom eases COVID restrictions, but he’ll have a tough time persuading his allies in the teachers union that it’s safe to reopen schools.

Episode 155: The Clampdown

David and Will consider California reactions to the pro-Trump mayhem at the U.S. Capitol, including Trump-free Facebook and Twitter.

Episode 154: The Madness of Crowds

David and Will discuss the relationship between this week’s events in Washington, D.C., and California’s ongoing dysfunction.

Episode 152: Riding Shotgun with the Pope

State treasurer wagers California cash in Pope Francis’s “inclusive capitalism” initiative, Alex Padilla named to replace Kamala Harris, and more.