Podcasts National Review’s Radio Free California Podcast

National Review’s Radio Free California Podcast

Episode 191: Defund the Fun Police!

San Francisco mayor London Breed says she had to dance maskless in a nightclub, and blames the ‘fun police’ for documenting the moment.

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Episode 190: Triumph of the Swill

Lessons learned — and reasons for hope — following Governor Gavin Newsom’s overwhelming win in the September 14 California recall.

Episode 189: PAGA Ain’t MAGA

California’s Democrats have weaponized the courts through the Private Attorneys General Act, the state law that allows anyone to sue anyone else on behalf of the state’s “interests.”

Episode 182: A Bridge Too Ferrer

Los Angeles County Director of Public Health, Dr. Barbara Ferrer, defies science and reimposes mask mandate, and more.