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Episode 222: A Woman Is a Woman When She Demands an Abortion

A demonstrator shouts during a counter demonstration at the Ninth Annual Walk for Life West Coast in San Francisco, Calif., in 2013. (Stephen Lam/Reuters)

Gavin Newsom seizes on a draft SCOTUS decision on Roe as an attack on women’s rights, upending his prior belief that “women” as such do not exist. The governor orders the strictest-ever limits on residential water use — even as state Coastal Commission staffers work to kill desalination. Dave Chappelle’s crew manhandle (person-handle?) his Hollywood Bowl attacker. Bonus! On May 8, 1945, Americans thrilled to a radio celebration of Victory in Europe by Norman Corwin, the father of the Golden Age of Radio who would go on to train a generation of journalists at USC’s Annenberg School. Music by Metalachi.


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