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Episode 111: Lovability

David and Alexandra discuss the difference between likability and lovability, including how politicians can be adored by their base.

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Episode 110: All the Controversies at Once

Why won't the women's march disavow Louis Farrakhan once and for all? Why is masculinity under attack from left and right? What do millennials really believe about abortion? And will ...

Episode 109: Border Dogma

Alexandra and David discuss Trump's possible state of emergency declaration and the latest religious test applied to a Catholic judicial nominee.

Episode 108: The Tucker Wars Continue

David and Alexandra talk about personal responsibility and the limits of public policy before winding up with a defense of traditional masculinity.

Episode 107: Tucker Troubles

Alexandra and David discuss Tucker Carlson’s viral populist monologue and end by taking on the New York Times on “personhood.”

Episode 106: Does Twitter Matter?

Yet another vile Twitter moment, prompts a discussion of whether Twitter really matters, and the battle for basic human decency. Plus: New Year's predictions and resolutions.

Episode 105: The Pick Your Poison Podcast

David and Alexandra talk about the anti-Semitic poison at the heart of the Women's March, the poison of MAGA Twitter, and then break down Michael Flynn's shocking sentencing hearing.

Episode 104: Beauty Queens and Hush Money

David and Alexandra discuss the male Miss Universe contestant, the conflict between transgenderism and feminism, and then end with a discussion of the legality of the Trump hush money payments.

Episode 102: Trump’s Troubles

David and Alexandra analyze the latest Trump news and stake out a controversial position — presidents shouldn’t have affairs with porn stars or hire people who cavort with dictators.

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