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Episode 64: More Russia Revelations

David and Alexandra discuss the Senate Intelligence Committee's document dump on Russia, Israel's conflict with Hamas, and how the #MeToo movement is robbing the Left of moral authority.

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Episode 63: Too Big to Succeed

David and Alexandra discuss McCain derangement syndrome -- the irrational hatred of John McCain -- and then dive into the question raised in the New York Times, "Is America too ...

Episode 62: More Depravity

David and Alexandra discuss the Eric Schneiderman scandal, and why pro-choice men keep getting caught exploiting women. They wrap up with a constitutional defense of Trump's decision to pull out ...

Episode 61: Pharisees on the Loose

David and Alexandra talk about how partisan hatred undermines the defense of civil liberties, evangelical Trump supporters, and more.

Episode 60: The Alfie Aftermath

In a wide-ranging podcast, David and Alexandra discuss the law and culture that made Alfie's ordeal happen, the strange tendency of progressives to use comedians to "fact-check" conservatives, and David's ...

Episode 58: Nutpicking

David and Alexandra discuss the worst forms of bad-faith political argument and break down the latest developments in California's quest to censor Christian speech.

Episode 57: Worse than Racist

David and Alexandra break down a stupendously unconstitutional proposed California law and discuss what it means for the American culture wars.

Episode 56: Should We Be Democrats?

David and Alexandra answer Jonathan Chait's question: "Why aren't more Never Trumpers willing to support the opposition party?"

Episode 55: When Soldiers Do Better than Cops

David and Alexandra ask why soldiers at war sometimes exercise greater discipline than police at home, then they break down a bad gun control column in the New York Times.

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