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Episode 151: Why Viewpoint Neutrality Is Worth Defending

David and Alexandra discuss last week’s liberalism debate at Catholic University, hyper-partisanship and Elizabeth Warren’s unconstitutional proposals, and the latest abortion polling from Pew Research Center.

Episode 148: Warren’s Surge, Trump’s Woes

The meaning of the Warren polling surge and the Trump polling slump, who is the "least unappealing" Democrat, two members of "Squad" are caught partnering with vicious anti-Semites, and some ...

Episode 147: A Dreadful Day

David and Alexandra discuss the El Paso and Dayton shootings, the role of rhetoric in political violence, and whether there are gun-control measures that could help.

Episode 144: Maverick

David and Alexandra discuss the new Top Gun trailer (no, really), the BDS movement, Planned Parenthood, and nationalists.

Episode 143: Donald Trump vs. “The Squad”

How Trump’s tweets attacking the progressive Democratic congresswomen are damaging and counterproductive for conservatives, and whether Charlie Cooke misses the mark on immigrants and gratitude.

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George Packer Gets Mugged by Reality

Few journalists are as respected by, and respectable to, liberals as The Atlantic’s George Packer. The author of The Assassin's Gate (2005), The Unwinding (2013), and a recently published biography of Richard Holbrooke, Our Man, Packer has written for bastions of liberal thought from the New York Times Magazine ... Read More
Politics & Policy

CNN: Everything but the News

For a while, we thought MSNBC had temporarily usurped CNN as the font of fake news — although both networks had tied for the most negative coverage (93 percent of all their news reports) of President Trump’s first 100 days in office. A cynic would argue that CNN had deliberately given Trump undue coverage ... Read More