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Episode 157: Farewell Address

As David moves on from National Review and from the Ordered Liberty podcast, David and Alexandra thank the listeners, talk about Syria and Ukraine, and discuss a surprising moment in ...

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Episode 156: Woke Capital’s Day of Reckoning

The progressive backlash against the NBA and what it means for the future of progressive corporate activism, the politics of impeachment, and a moral and strategic lamentation over the betrayal ...

Episode 155: Ukraine, Life, and Law

Breaking down the latest in the Ukraine controversy, a terrible scandal involving fetal remains, and recent victories for religious liberty.

Episode 153: Trump’s Ukrainian Blues

David and Alexandra discuss Alexandra’s abortion debate at Yale, break down Trump’s Ukraine scandal, explain Biden’s problems, and then end by sharing stories of weightlifting greatness.

Episode 151: Why Viewpoint Neutrality Is Worth Defending

David and Alexandra discuss last week’s liberalism debate at Catholic University, hyper-partisanship and Elizabeth Warren’s unconstitutional proposals, and the latest abortion polling from Pew Research Center.

Episode 148: Warren’s Surge, Trump’s Woes

The meaning of the Warren polling surge and the Trump polling slump, who is the "least unappealing" Democrat, two members of "Squad" are caught partnering with vicious anti-Semites, and some ...

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Politics & Policy

ABC Chief Political Analyst: GOP Rep. Stefanik a ‘Perfect Example’ of the Failures of Electing Someone ‘Because They Are a Woman’

Matthew Dowd, chief political analyst for ABC News, suggested that Representative Elise Stefanik (R., N.Y.) was elected due to her gender after taking issue with Stefanik's line of questioning during the first public impeachment hearing on Wednesday. “Elise Stefanik is a perfect example of why just electing ... Read More
White House

Trump vs. the ‘Policy Community’

When it comes to Russia, I am with what Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman calls the American “policy community.” Vindman, of course, is one of the House Democrats’ star impeachment witnesses. His haughtiness in proclaiming the policy community and his membership in it grates, throughout his 340-page ... Read More
Law & the Courts

DACA’s Day in Court

When President Obama unilaterally changed immigration policy after repeatedly and correctly insisting that he lacked the constitutional power to do it, he said that congressional inaction had forced his hand. In the case of his first major unilateral move — “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals,” which ... Read More

A Preposterous Review

A   Georgetown University professor named Charles King has reviewed my new book The Case for Nationalism for Foreign Affairs, and his review is a train wreck. It is worth dwelling on, not only because the review contains most of the lines of attack against my book, but because it is extraordinarily shoddy and ... Read More