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Episode 157: Farewell Address

As David moves on from National Review and from the Ordered Liberty podcast, David and Alexandra thank the listeners, talk about Syria and Ukraine, and discuss a surprising moment in ...

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Episode 156: Woke Capital’s Day of Reckoning

The progressive backlash against the NBA and what it means for the future of progressive corporate activism, the politics of impeachment, and a moral and strategic lamentation over the betrayal ...

Episode 155: Ukraine, Life, and Law

Breaking down the latest in the Ukraine controversy, a terrible scandal involving fetal remains, and recent victories for religious liberty.

Episode 153: Trump’s Ukrainian Blues

David and Alexandra discuss Alexandra’s abortion debate at Yale, break down Trump’s Ukraine scandal, explain Biden’s problems, and then end by sharing stories of weightlifting greatness.

Episode 151: Why Viewpoint Neutrality Is Worth Defending

David and Alexandra discuss last week’s liberalism debate at Catholic University, hyper-partisanship and Elizabeth Warren’s unconstitutional proposals, and the latest abortion polling from Pew Research Center.

Episode 148: Warren’s Surge, Trump’s Woes

The meaning of the Warren polling surge and the Trump polling slump, who is the “least unappealing” Democrat, two members of “Squad” are caught partnering with vicious anti-Semites, and some ...