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Episode 76: Helsinki Follies

If you're triggered by criticism of Donald Trump, do not listen to this podcast. Or maybe this is the podcast you need to hear. David and Alexandra break down Trump's ...

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Episode 74: The Da Vinci Code

David and Alexandra discuss the ugly anti-Catholic bigotry surrounding the Supreme Court fight, and Alexandra breaks down her beef with Turning Point USA.

Episode 72: Red Hen Rage

David and Alexandra discuss the firestorm of controversy around a restaurant's refusal to serve Sarah Huckabee Sanders, outline the dangers of directly confronting and verbally shaming Trump officials, and celebrate ...

Episode 71: The Trump Climbdown

David and Alexandra analyze developments in the family separation debate and discuss the risks and benefits of mass immigration.

Episode 69: About Whataboutism

David and Alexandra pay tribute to Charles Krauthammer, argue that Trump has started to follow the recent "norms" established by numerous presidents, and discuss whether you're a bigot if you ...

Episode 67: A Masterpiece of a Case

David and Alexandra break down the Masterpiece Cakeshop decision, analyze why it's a broader win than the Left would have you believe, and more.

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NATO’s Challenge Is Germany, Not America

During the recent NATO summit meeting, a rumbustious Donald Trump tore off a thin scab of niceties to reveal a deep and old NATO wound — one that has predated Trump by nearly 30 years and goes back to the end of the Cold War. In an era when the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact are now ancient history, ... Read More
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De Blasio’s War on Ordinary New Yorkers

One thing (almost) all New Yorkers have in common is an extremely valuable resource: living space. The ability to rent some of it out to one of the 62 million or so who visit the city each year ought to be one of the major perks of residence. Instead, Mayor Bill de Blasio is crushing New Yorkers who wish to do ... Read More