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Episode 134: A Clash between Co-Hosts

David and Alexandra discuss their difference of opinion on the tactical value of Alabama’s new abortion ban and debunk misinformation about Georgia’s heartbeat bill.

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Episode 133: The Strange Hatred for Bill Barr

Democratic attacks on Bill Barr, Trump's finances, asking the question, "If an unborn baby isn't a human being, what is it?" and why Alexandra was tempted to sign a petition ...

Episode 131: End the Penny Tyranny!

Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang, how criticism isn't "incitement" and disagreement isn't "dehumanizing," and all the ways the Washington Post is wrong about abortion

Episode 129: The Sacred and the Profane

David and Alexandra discuss the burning of the Notre Dame, whether Bernie “won” his Fox News town hall, and whether other Democrats will beat a path to Fox’s door.

Episode 127: The Many Names of Pete Buttigieg

Breaking down the Buttigieg boomlet, the role of declining faith and marriage in America's happiness crisis, and a discussion of the movie Unplanned and civility in the abortion debate.

Episode 125: Mueller Time

The implications of Mueller's conclusion that Trump didn't collude, the Steele dossier's malignant effect on the American body politic, and some good news in the fight for life.

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Spoilers Ahead. Look, I share David’s love of Game of Thrones. But I thought the finale was largely a bust, for failings David mostly acknowledges in passing (but does not allow to dampen his ardor). The problems with the finale were largely the problems of this entire season. Characters that had been ... Read More