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Episode 143: Donald Trump vs. “The Squad”

How Trump’s tweets attacking the progressive Democratic congresswomen are damaging and counterproductive for conservatives, and whether Charlie Cooke misses the mark on immigrants and gratitude.

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Episode 141: The Great Glory of the Abrams Tank

David and Alexandra break down the state of the Democratic race, discuss whether the Democrats can ever overcome Cocaine Mitch, and end with an ode to the glorious M1A1 Abrams ...

Episode 138: Why Illiberalism Fails

In a live podcast from Capitol Hill, David and Alexandra discuss what’s really behind the illiberal opposition to “David French-ism,” and more.

Episode 137: Against Strawmen and Illiberalism

David and Alexandra respond to Sohrab Ahmari’s essay “Against David French-ism,” discuss illiberalism on both the left and right, and finish by defending the value of civility in political ...

Episode 136: Drag Queen Reading Hour

David and Alexandra talk about a Twitter attack on David occasioned by a “Drag Queen Storytime” at the Sacramento Public Library, and that leads to a wide-ranging discussion of means, ...

Episode 134: A Clash between Co-Hosts

David and Alexandra discuss their difference of opinion on the tactical value of Alabama’s new abortion ban and debunk misinformation about Georgia’s heartbeat bill.

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Men Literally Died for That Flag, You Idiots

The American flag’s place in our culture is beginning to look less unassailable. The symbol itself is under attack, as we’ve seen with Nike dumping a shoe design featuring an early American flag, Megan Rapinoe defending her national-anthem protests (she says she will never sing the song again), and ... Read More

The Plot against Kavanaugh

Justice on Trial, by Mollie Hemingway and Carrie Severino (Regnery,  256 pp., $28.99) The nomination and confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court was the political event of 2018, though not for the reasons anyone expected. All High Court confirmations these days are fraught with emotion and tumult ... Read More
Politics & Policy

He Just Can’t Help Himself

By Saturday, the long-simmering fight between Nancy Pelosi and her allies on one side and the “squad” associated with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on the other had risen to an angrier and more destructive level at the Netroots Nation conference. Representative Ayanna Pressley, an African-American Massachusetts ... Read More
White House

On Gratitude and Immigration

Like both Rich and David, I consider it flatly inappropriate for the president of the United States to be telling Americans -- rhetorically or otherwise -- to “go back where you came from.” In consequence, you will find no defense of the president from me, either. What Trump tweeted over the weekend was ... Read More

Gender Dissenter Gets Fired

Allan M. Josephson is a distinguished psychiatrist who, since 2003, has transformed the division of child and adolescent psychiatry and psychology at the University of Louisville from a struggling department to a nationally acclaimed program. In the fall of 2017 he appeared on a panel at the Heritage Foundation ... Read More