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Episode 49: CJ Ciaramella / The Clash

Scot and Jeff discuss The Clash with CJ Ciaramella, a criminal justice reporter for Reason Magazine.

Introducing the Band:
Your hosts Scot Bertram (@ScotBertram) and Jeff Blehar (@EsotericCD) with guest CJ Ciaramella. He is a criminal justice reporter for Reason Magazine. CJ is on Twitter at @cjciaramella and you can read his work at reason.com.

CJ’s Music Pick: The Clash:

The gang wraps up its second year of Political Beats with a discussion of The Only Band That Matters! From rock to pop to reggae to ethno-fusion to, well, “Fingerpoppin’,” The Clash belie their reputation as one of the greatest punk acts of all time with the startling diversity of their music. And what a weird career arc it is, encompassing not only one of the most important punk rock records of all time (their self-titled debut), one of the greatest double albums in any genre of modern music full-stop (the glorious London Calling), and one of the worst TRIPLE albums in history (the fascinatingly failed Sandinista!).  Scot, Jeff, and C.J. love much of this music passionately and are deeply confused and dismayed by some of it as well (please, dear reader: never listen to Cut The Crap) but celebrate all of it anyway.

Happy Holidays to all of our listeners, and we’ll see you again in January!

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